Ok, it’s a question of choices, to be made by humans. It’s also a question of trust, not on AI, but on companies that runs these AIs. At last, it’s a question of free will. As a friend of mine uses to say, AI as a personal digital assistant (cortana, siri, alexa, viv…) is the “I’m feeling lucky” choice made by an algorithm that we, as humans, do not control. But AI is not HAL, in terms of control, no more than AI intends to be skynet. AI is developped by BIG corporations, including your employer, and their goal is to make money, to comply with alien legislations (in fact, US one, and soon, chinese), and, sometimes, to write their own (boobs & facebook, hate speech and twitter, the “good” as google-not-evil figures it out, the end of the States as we know by libertarians).
I guess you already read “Who owns the future” by Jaron Lanier. If not, proceed, and let’s discuss it further.

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futur(e)(s) & beaucoup de morceaux de troll

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